Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looking Forward Once Again

I've got three years of Rolex Fence Judging under my belt, as well as three years (and three different horses!) of Beginner Novice Horse Trials (about 2-3 per year). I'm stepping things up this year, hoping to do a few more on a single horse so that I can move up to Novice comfortably in the fall (or perhaps the summer).

I'm not sure if I'll be doing any sort of "moving up" with the fence judging, though. The nice thing about attending Rolex this year is that there are NO BABIES ON THE WAY!! For me, at least. I'm out of the breeding biz. I've willed my last brood mare to my friend, Karen, who's expecting a baby...well, just after Rolex.

Once again, I'll be joined by my partner in crime, my fellow mommy who events, Donna. She's been out of the Horse Trials this spring due to a recent House purchase (GO DONNA!), but she'll be back with me in the fall.

And, once again, we'll be staying with my kind brother and his family in gay Paris. I'm soooo looking forward to it all!

My thoughts go out to Darren Chiachia, who suffered a serious fall a few weeks ago and won't be at Rolex this year. He was always fun to watch, for he (and his horses) had a real "presence". He will be missed.

Until Rolex is closer, I will end. Here's to a fun, exciting, safe event!